8 Dimensions of Leadership

Now you can use your DISC knowledge to help you better understand the type of leader that you are.  Discover how your primary behavioral style relates to your primary leadership dimension. In addition you will have the opportunity to walk through a four step process to:

  1. Discover your primary leadership dimension
  2. Learn about the psychological drivers, motivations, and “blind spots” typical of leaders with your style
  3. Reflect on what really matters most in your leadership development right now
  4. Once you identify the dimension(s) in which you’d like to grow, learn leadership lessons to help you get there

Take a free on-line assessment at www.8DimensionsOfLeadership.com to discover your primary leadership dimension.  Find out of you are pioneering, energizing, affirming, inclusive, humble, deliberate, resolute, commanding or a combination of these.  Contact us to help you become a better leader with a free, personal debrief; facilitation of a workshop for your team; or to provide you with the new 8 Dimensions of Leadership book.