DISC and Time Management

Is there something on your desk that someone asked you to do and you have been pushing it aside hoping that they forgot that they gave it to you?  Or is your desk too messy to even find the papers?  When you agreed to this, was it one more time that you said, “Yes.” and [read more…]

8 Dimensions of Leadership

Now you can use your DISC knowledge to help you better understand the type of leader that you are.  Discover how your primary behavioral style relates to your primary leadership dimension. In addition you will have the opportunity to walk through a four step process to: Discover your primary leadership dimension Learn about the psychological [read more…]

IQ + EQ = Success

Educators across the country have been familiar with the measurement of IQ as an indicator of intelligence.  Just as we cannot control our intelligence we also cannot control our emotional intelligence (EQ).  However the ability to manage our emotional intelligence can lead to success in our schools and beyond. Emotions precede actions—when one is happy [read more…]

Modeling the Social and Emotional Learning Standards

All school districts in the State of Illinois are required to incorporate the Social and Emotional Learning Standards into the curriculum from Kindergarten through high school.  The standards can easily be found on the website of the Illinois State Board of Education.  How prepared are you to implement them in your school and your classroom? [read more…]


A new assessment has been added to the Everything DiSC  application library. Work of Leaders is the newest assessment to apply the DiSC theory to leadership. Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands using the framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution. This on-line assessment encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they [read more…]

Reading Between the Lines

Sometimes I receive an e-mail and it sounds like the person writing it is really upset with me.  Or I receive an e-mail that gets right to the point, makes a request and wants an immediate answer.  I stop for a moment and realize that the person sending e-mails like this is result oriented and [read more…]