DISC and Time Management

Is there something on your desk that someone asked you to do and you have been pushing it aside hoping that they forgot that they gave it to you?  Or is your desk too messy to even find the papers?  When you agreed to this, was it one more time that you said, “Yes.” and later wondered why you agreed to take on yet another responsibility?  And, when was the last time you were deep in thought, focused on a project and someone suddenly burst into your office, causing you to lose complete concentration?  It probably took you the rest of the morning to get your thoughts back onto your original project.

Time wasters are the Achilles heel to being most productive.  To master time you need to identify your time wasters.  Your DISC style can sometimes prevent you from eliminating your time wasters, and may even be causing them.  By adapting your natural style, you can begin to use time more efficiently and more effectively.

Even those with good time management skills can feel like they are out of control.  We begin with the list of time wasters in your DISC report and assist you in creating an effective plan for maximizing your use of time to accelerate performance.  Our expert consultants will use proven strategies that insure your long-term success.

If you have not taken a DISC Time P.L.U.S. assessment, contact us today by clicking here to request one and we will send you an assessment right away.  If you have taken a DISC assessment, let us review your time wasters with you and help create an action plan so you can overcome them.  Whatever the case, become a Master of Time!