Educational Professional Development


Weselak & Associates offers a strong professional development program for staff, teachers, administrators and students. Managed by Anna Weselak, workshop presenter for the Illinois Administrator’s Academy and adjunct faculty member of St. Xavier University via the International Renewal Institute, our experienced consultants are ready to assist every school and school district in becoming strong learning communities for 21st Century Schools.

Let us help your staff work together more effectively in teams and more collaboratively in team decision making. We work with administrators to build upon their leadership skills and gain new strategies for working with peers, teachers, staff, parents and community members. Board development strengthens the effectiveness of school boards as they work together to set goals and make decisions. Teacher in-services can improve schools climate and build positive attitudes. Learn strategies to model good social and emotional competencies to enhance social and emotional learning. We have associates who have completed specialized training from the Center for Teacher Effectiveness so we can offer you a revolutionary classroom management program called “Time To Teach.” We also offer specialized workshops for teachers on time and stress management. Non-certified staff workshops on customer service can strengthen the way parents and visitors are welcomed into your building by phone or in person. Last, but not least, strengthen your students’ communication skills by aiding them in learning more about themselves and their relationship with educators, parents, employers and each other! Help them to be a better team player, work more collaboratively in groups and be stronger leaders.

As you plan your next school or district in-service, be sure to give us a call so we can customize staff development specifically for you.