IQ + EQ = Success

Educators across the country have been familiar with the measurement of IQ as an indicator of intelligence.  Just as we cannot control our intelligence we also cannot control our emotional intelligence (EQ).  However the ability to manage our emotional intelligence can lead to success in our schools and beyond.

Emotions precede actions—when one is happy one smiles.  One does not smile and then become happy.  Emotional intelligence drives our actions that can grow our potential.  EQ is especially important when encountering change and working in collaborative teams.

EQ includes Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences, as defined by Howard Gardner.  Within those intelligences we can define our competencies in self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills and motivation.

It is essential for educational teams to work collaboratively and innovate change in their schools and school districts.  Understanding EQ can improve relationships with peers and model Social and Emotional competencies that we expect students to master.  Discover the relationship between your EQ and your DISC behaviors.

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