Modeling the Social and Emotional Learning Standards

All school districts in the State of Illinois are required to incorporate the Social and Emotional Learning Standards into the curriculum from Kindergarten through high school.  The standards can easily be found on the website of the Illinois State Board of Education.  How prepared are you to implement them in your school and your classroom?

Every teacher and principal is a role model for how individuals interact with each other.  Every educator must respond to many different behavioral styles within a single day. By understanding behavioral tendencies, you can create an environment in your school and in the classroom that supports style differences to maximize individual potential.

Excellence for Learning™  is a DISC based assessment that can help to achieve success in an educational environment.  Whether you wish to help yourself as an individual educator, help your entire team, or help your whole staff, we are here to help you put together a professional development plan that will assist you in modeling and implementing social and emotional behaviors in your school.  Call or e-mail us today to set up a date for your next in-service day. premium domains .