Personal Growth

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We all seek areas for personal and professional growth opportunities. Learn what your strengths are and how to capitalize on them. We have a variety of assessments and resources that we are happy to offer you on an individual or small group basis.

Our trained facilitators offer a variety of assessments that can be taken on-line at your convenience. We will happily debrief the results for you and put an action plan together to use the information that you discover. For personal development you may wish to begin with a DISC assessment to understand yourself more fully. To work more effectively with others you may wish to move on to learning about your values and your emotional intelligence. Improve your communication skills with People Reading, Listening or Presentation Skills. Stress and Time Management assessments help you to gain strategies to be happier and more productive. Find out which of 8 dimensions of leadership you typically exhibit. Find ways to work with those that you find difficult to deal with and build stronger relationships with family members and friends.

Check our calendar for frequent updates on classes, seminars and workshops that we offer.

Contact us today so we can create a customized personal development plan to help you lead a happier and more productive life.